Happy New Year!

Join us for the High Holidays at

Chabad Lake Balboa


Rabbi's Message


Dear Friend,

We are looking forward to joining you in hope and prayer for revealed good as we approach the new Jewish year of 5779.

Together we'll listen to the call of the Shofar, taste the sweetness of the Apple-and-Honey and recommit to G‑d on Yom Kippur. Join us to celebrate together as one community.

Wishing you a happy & sweet New Year!

- Rabbi Eli and Mushkie 


Seat Reservations


The prayers are warm. The melodies are timeless. The people are friendly. The kids have a program. And everyone feels at home.

Welcome to high holiday services at Chabad Lake Balboa. Where we already saved you a seat. Services conducted in English and Hebrew, with simultaneous insights and explanations into the prayers, practices & rituals. Special children’s holiday program & service.

Advanced RSVP recommended.

Suggested Donation: $75 per adult. $36 per child.


Rosh Hashana Dinner
Join us for our wonderful Rosh Hashana dinner full of inspiration, traditions and a four course dinner.

Rosh Hashanah Evening // September 9

At Chabad Lake Balboa

Services and candle lighting ~ 6:30pm

Holiday dinner ~ 7:30pm

Adult $36 / Child $18

Co Sponsor (Includes dinner for 2) $180


Yizkor Memorial Book


It is a Jewish tradition to honor the memory of our loved ones in our thoughts and prayers, as well as through acts of charity. The virtue of pledging charity during Yizkor creates an opportunity for the souls of our loved ones to be connected with us through tangible acts of goodness and kindness.

One way to honor this tradition is through the publication of a  Yizkor Memorial Book, used when we gather for our High Holiday services.

Click Here to Participate

Holiday Guide
Holiday Prep
Rosh Hashanah Megasite
Yom Kippur Megasite
Holiday Times

Service Schedule 

 All Services will take place at Chabad Lake Balboa in a big, beautiful air conditioned tent.

7006 Louise ave, Lake Balboa CA 91406 

Rosh Hashanah Evening // September 9

Evening Services: 6:30pm

Rosh Hashana Dinner: 7:30pm

Rosh Hashanah Day 1 // September 10

Morning Service: 9:30a

Children's Program: 10:30am

Shofar Sounding: 11:00am

Tashlich at Balboa Park: 1:45pm

Second Shofer blowing and evening services: 6:45pm

Rosh Hashanah Day 2 // September 11

Morning Service: 9:30am

Shofar Sounding: 11:00am

Evening Services: 6:45pm

Yom Kippur Night // September 18

Fast begins: 6:38pm

Kol Nidrai: 6:45pm

Yom Kippur Day // September 19

Morning Service: 9:30am

Children's Program: 10:30am

Yizkor service: approximately 11:30am

Mincha/afternoon service: 5:30pm

Niela and final Shofer : 6:30pm

Break fast buffet: 7:32pm

There will be a Break Fast Buffet for the entire community immediately after the Services.
To help co-sponsor the Break Fast please contact Rabbi Eli.