Rabbi Eli and Mushkie Gurary, are the founders of the Chabad Lake Balboa Center and are very passionate about the spirit of Chabad.


What is Chabad? It’s a philosophy within Hasidism that is based on a loving message of Judaism. Chabad translates to Wisdom, Understanding, and Knowledge—the essence of what it is to be a Jew. However, Chabad is specifically about spreading light around the world to ignite the spirits and improve the quality of as many Jewish lives as possible.


Why? Because Chabadniks care! We don’t ever want to push Judaism or strict traditions onto people that are not interested in that. We just want to make Judaism available, in simple understandable terms, for all who desire it. All Jews are equal and deserve that—no matter if you’re currently the most devout practicing Jew, or simply Jewish by birth.


So, our doors are wide open. We want you to feel comfortable joining us for Friday Night or Saturday Morning Services, as part of our community. Feel free to ask us any questions; and learn about your Jewish Heritage. We simply aim that you can feel at home at our Center, and that maybe in the future you can pass on the lessons of Judaism to your surrounding world.


May G‑d bless you and your family,


Chabad Lake Balboa and our Family